Connecting is a must in the creative industry – yes, even for those of you who dislike the idea of connecting with other creatives. And yes, all of you, who even dislike the word “connect”.  Unfortunately for you, it just has to be done.

Creative inspiration is magical when you have it, and frustrating when you don’t.  Anyone who has had writer’s block, struggled with agent rejections, or who has thrown in the paintbrush before, simply – knows that creative people need supportive peers to inspire, console, and fortify them.

The creative industry is a competitive and ever-changing environment.  If creatives don’t keep up with the world’s standards and trends, it is possible to miss out on key opportunities and sustainable growth to expand their businesses or brands through partnerships.  That’s why, for some of us, it’s important to keep-in-touch with news and trends in the industry.

Whether you are designing an advertising campaign, running a public relations agency, starting a fashion line, producing a video game or film – if we connect, we can create an environment that provides current as well as up-and-coming creatives a destination where we can all showcase our work, interact with projects we like, and connect with the people behind them.  The potential for a world-wide connected industry is vast and, thanks to the visual nature of our work, no industry is better placed to do this than the creative sector. These days, not only do most artists, film makers, art entrepreneurs, business owners etc. have websites, they also recognise how vital tools like SEArch app, social media and many more can be to the survival and growth of their businesses.  Internet-savvy creatives also know the value of understanding how these interrelated Web applications can be maximized to allow creatives to connect with anyone in the world at any time.

The world’s best creatives all understand that innovation is the primary force that can propel creatives to successfully market their distinguished talents – and they know how hard that can be.  It’s important to connect and be around other people in the same industry that you operate in. Surrounding yourself with those who have similar goals and issues creates a positive synergy, infusing you with fresh energy. Who knows? Someone out there may inspire you, give you a great idea, offer a solution, or provide a creative spark that keeps you or your business going.

The ability to manage, organise, cultivate and nurture creative thinking is directly linked to growth and achievement. So, the next time you’re out and about, remember to connect with other creatives who inspire you.  Develop new techniques, styles, and hone your craft!