As we know, there is a measureable impact that the arts pose on communities. Arts and culture make considerable and necessary contributions to the well-being of communities. Therefore entertainers or art practitioners are powerful tools that any community can have. But these expressive individuals also have broader impacts beyond the individual level and certainly beyond their communities.

In the South African context there is a horde of artists that hail from a region that is known to be a shadow of the bustling city of Johannesburg. That city is called Ekurhuleni. This is the birthplace of many thriving stars that South Africa has to offer today. What makes artists from Ekurhuleni contribute at a community level and beyond? That is the question.

Some of the names that top the list are Lira, DJ Sbu, Ntando Masina, Brandon Auret, Helene Bester, The Naked DJ, Kabomo, Owen Sejake, Angelique Gerber and the list goes on and on. We know that artists and cultural organizations can help us explore the unimaginable. These selective creatives have found innovative ways to use entertainment, arts and culture to increase the impact communities can have nationally and across boarders.

One creative whose voice is on the airwaves on SA FM is the current chairperson of Ekurhuleni Creatives Council (ECC), Khanyi Magubane. She has her pulse on Ekurhuleni creatives and will share stories that have the attention of millions. How is digital part of this formula today is a relevant question considering the digital environment that talent uses as a stage today? We can learn a thing or two on how Ekurhuleni creatives have grasped the magic that comes with digital means to have their voices heard and their crafts experienced loudly across various communities in the country and beyond.


Find out where you can catch Khanyi Magubane talking all things creative and digital. View here