Win a unique entertainment business marketing opportunity!

The organisers of SEAfrica are presenting you with a great opportunity to market and promote your brand to the right crowd. If you are launching a new product/service or simply want to increase visibility of your company’s offering and perhaps generate leads while you at it this competition is just for you.

You can WIN the following exhibition stand:

  • Shell scheme 2.4m x 2.4m
  • Full colour fascia board with logo/company name
  • 1 x lockable counter
  • 2 x cocktail chairs
  • 1 x cocktail table
  • 2 spotlights

Who can enter (criteria)?

  • AV Production Companies
  • Casting Agencies
  • Catering Companies
  • Costume Suppliers
  • Dance Organisations
  • Décor Companies
  • Digital Agencies
  • Make Up Companies
  • Media/Business Schools
  • Recording Companies
  • Recording Studios
  • Talent Management
  • Film/TV Production Co.
  • Voice Casting Agencies
  • Venues
  • Model Agencies

How to enter?

On facebook and or twitter post a picture of your service or product and get as many shares or retweets as possible. Make sure you tag us (@SEA_africa) when you post.

It’s Simple:

  1. Upload an impressive image
  2. Tag @SEAfrica
  3. We suggest you prompt your followers to support you by sharing your post
  4. POST*

You will have entered the competition.

 *You can post as many pictures as you want.

What makes you a winner?

The organisers and affiliates do not select a winner, your post shares/retweets determines whether you win or not. Basically, the post with the most shares/retweets WINS!

**The competition has officially opened and it closes on 31 August and the winner will be announced by 05 September 2018.

Good Luck!

**Terms and conditions apply