Marina Prinsloo

Owner/Executive Trainer
Colour Works International
President of APICSA

As an image and body confidence consultant, Marina educates on how image directly impacts our perceptions towards the world and vise versa.

Marina is a true reflection of the importance of education by obtaining several qualifications and expertise in Marketing, Modelling Consultancy Management & Training, Lyceum College Image Consulting, Image Consulting and Laser Liposuction training clinical services.

Throughout her career Marina has been in various positions where she has imparted some of her knowledge as APICSA (Association of Professional Image Consultants South Africa) Board Member, Vice President and currently President. She has worked with various corporate clients including; Community Investment Holdings, Jasco Ltd, Ferox, Guvon Hotel Group, Unigrain, La Cigale Medical Spa, and many more.

Amongst all her accolades, Marina is the author of a book entitled “Image Matters” and has been awarded the 2008 best Image Consultant and Make Over winner, as well as the 2008 APICSA best Upcoming Image Consultant.

Session: Image is Everything

Friday, 04 September