Pepsi Pokane

Managing Director
Bonngoe Productions

Pepsi Pokane was born in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Between 1999 and 2003, he tried his hand at television and presenting worked as a freelance presenter, scriptwriter, and producer.

He began mastering his craft by working alongside some of the best show producers in South Africa, producers of Drama (Gazlam), Satire (The Toasty Show), just to name a few.

In 2003 he joined South Africa’s first free University CIDA City Campus as their Head Project Manager for Community Outreach Programmes.

In 2004 he joined The Re: Public Media Group, as an In-House TV Producer and by 2006, he was an executive director and shareholder. The Group has since grown from TV & Branding to include an Advertising Agency, Audio business, and Financial Services division.

In 2010, he bought the TV Production (Bonngoe Productions) division from the Re: public Media Group and has been the Managing Director of Bonngoe Productions since then. Bonngoe Produces over 5 hours of TV every week and is ranked among the Top 10 suppliers to the SABC. They have furthermore entrenched relationships with eTV, DSTV, and Eurocom (a leading mobile marketing & technology company).

Pepsi is a trustee of the Media Empowerment Trust and an active member of the ANC’s Progressive Business Forum with a vision of continuing to grow and corporatize the Businesses they own.

Session: I am Business

Friday, 04 September