Any average person who can’t claim a background in showbiz probably doesn’t think about the fact that entertainers such as DJs, actors, presenters, singers etc. have so much more to do than simply entertain. The world of entertainment is a complex thing filled with behind the scenes magic, beautiful faces, and piles and piles of money, but what people don’t realize is that it’s a lot more than that.

Getting you the gigs week in and week out is not only reliant only on talent. Ever heard of star power? It exists. Those that do have it will attest to the fact that they bring more than their skills to the party.

They bring star power. The world of show business is no different than any other business trying to sell a product. There are those that take advantage of this fact by building a brand out of themselves and make it count.

The lesson here is that entertainers have to use digital marketing to ensure that their careers are a success. Here’s why.

Online Presence Means Relevance

Anyone who’s made it in the entertainment industry knows this to be the truth. Anyone who wants to work in showbiz, whether that be in acting, music or modeling, must build an online presence to be relevant. If you don’t exist online, you don’t exist at all. Do you have 300 followers? Hhhhmmm. In order to be considered for any substantial work, a person usually needs to have followers in the hundreds of thousands.

Social Media is Everything

This is the no-brainer of our century. Social media is the biggest way that celebrities use digital marketing to promote themselves and their movies or shows. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.. all are huge platforms for getting news out fast and selling a product. People are so quick to follow their favorite celebrities on any social media account. It makes them feel close, like they’re actually friends with this person.

In today’s world, a presenter, DJ or actor might not even get a gig unless they have a certain number of followers digitally. It’s a huge risk for a studio to cast an unknown actor simply because people know or care about them. If they don’t care about them, they won’t see the movie, if they don’t see the movie, the movie will flop. Simple as that.

You’ll Be Forgotten Tomorrow

If an actor doesn’t keep up with their following via the worldwide web, they can practically forget about making it anywhere in their careers. It’s such a fickle thing, but it’s the way the world operates. An entertainer knows that they are the product being sold. Through digital marketing an entertainer is able to keep themselves in the game.

New opportunities open up

The nature of business is such that its products and or services life cycle has to innovate to remain in the game. One of the ways of innovating your offering is expanding into other services. Expanding is strategically done by capitalizing on exisiting strengths and preferably complimentary to core business services. Who is better positioned to do this than entertainers who have mastered their art and have developed substantial following through a deliberate digital marketing activities.

DJ Zinhle is one such example (she regularly engages in information sharing platforms on digital marketing), amongst many others that are highly talented but are also business savvy. The essential ingredient is no doubt having a sound digital marketing plan. It is a sure way for artists to remain sustainable.